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    HubSpot Custom Module: Multi-Step Form Slider

    12 Nov, 2018

    If you have a form with a large number of fields to complete, it helps to break that down into manageable steps. That way, the user isn't immediately overwhelmed by the size of the form and is less likely to abandon it once they're halfway through. 

    Marketers frequently ask how they can add multi-step or multi-page forms on HubSpot. By default, HubSpot's forms are designed to be used on a single page. Currently there is no option to create them natively although they do offer some less than ideal workarounds or you could use a service like Typeform and integrate it into your HubSpot account.

    To solve this problem, I've created a HubSpot custom module that allows you to quickly create a set of slides, each containing their own form so that you can gradually capture lead data. You can view a demo of the form and test it out here.

    The module is available on the HubSpot Marketplace here.


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    Replicate the Netflix Screensaver: Multi-Layer Animation

    25 Oct, 2018

    I love Netflix's new screensaver. If you leave your Netflix on for a bit you'll see it start to advertise shows in a cool multi-layer animation. Here's a quick video of some that popped up on my TV yesterday evening.

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    HubSpot Dev Day 2018 Custom Module Challenge: Team Member Module

    25 Sep, 2018

    As part of Dev Day 2018, HubSpot added a nice little challenge on the HubSpot Community asking us to build our own take on an existing custom module on the HubSpot Marketplace

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    Add a Background Image to Your HubSpot Email Template

    30 Aug, 2018

    Designing email templates is similar to web design in the 90s: a bit of a nightmare! Unfortunately each email client varies widely in what it will and will not support. However, once you've spent enough time around email templates, you begin to figure out the tricks.

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    HubSpot Custom Module: Blog Feed

    17 Aug, 2018

    Displaying your blog posts on your Homepage or About Us page is a crucial way of getting your content to your readers. 

    HubSpot offers a Blog Feed module but, in order to style it, you need access to a developer. The Blog Feed module is a highly customisable custom module for HubSpot that can be dropped into any template. You can update the number of posts, elements you would like to display and styling in minutes with absolutely no code. 

    You can preview the module on a live page here and view the module on the marketplace here

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    How to Add a Reading Progress Bar to Your Blog

    15 Aug, 2018

    Have you every looked at blogs like the HubSpot one and wondered how they add that bar at the top that shows how much you've read already?

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    Create a Testimonial Slider on HubSpot

    18 Jul, 2018

    This article will walk you through how you can create a testimonial slider using custom modules on HubSpot. By the end of this tutorial, you should have a custom module that looks like this: 

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    HubSpot Custom Module: Form Slider

    09 Jul, 2018

    The Form Slider HubSpot custom module allows you to add a series of questions, each of which will appear in a separate slide, and submit these through a HubSpot form using the Forms API. 

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