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    How To Customise Your HubSpot Site Search Modules

    25 Mar, 2019

    I've had client and Community requests on how to customise HubSpot's search, such as adding a button to Site Search Input or a "See More" option in the drop-down results and would like to share how you can achieve that here.

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    How To Add a Smooth Scrolling Anchor Link on HubSpot

    06 Mar, 2019

    Many websites have links that scroll to a section further down the page "smoothly" (slow enough that you can see the scroll rather than jumping to the link). It's a little less abrupt than just jumping to the section.

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    How to Add a Reading Progress Bar to Your Blog

    15 Aug, 2018

    Have you every looked at blogs like the HubSpot one and wondered how they add that bar at the top that shows how much you've read already?

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    Set Featured Blog Posts on the HubSpot Blog Listings Page

    13 Aug, 2018

    Setting one or more featured posts on your blog listings page allows you to draw your reader's attention to posts that you want to highlight.

    On HubSpot, you can achieve this using post topics or tags and HubL. Your blog listings template will include a HubL expression that says "If the blog post has the featured tag, make it a featured post".

    You will need to get your hands dirty with some code to do this so, if you're uncertain, check in with your developer or enlist the help of a HubSpot Freelance Developer.

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    Create a Testimonial Slider on HubSpot

    18 Jul, 2018

    This article will walk you through how you can create a testimonial slider using custom modules on HubSpot. By the end of this tutorial, you should have a custom module that looks like this: 

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