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Are you looking for someone to help you design and build a new website on the HubSpot CMS? 

Perhaps just the development of a single template, page or module?

Send me a note to tell me what you're looking for and I'd be happy to help you out.

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Five Star Reviews


Fantastic work!

Working with Stephanie was fantastic! She went above and beyond throughout the entire process and was highly collaborative and communicative. Any changes or edits were done extremely quickly. We will definitely be working with Stephanie in the future!

Beyod of what I expected

We (in my agency) loved working with Stephanie. She understood everything we wanted for our blog and designed it just as we imagined. The whole time we worked together she kept us informed of the work she was doing, giving us tips and previews of the template. Also, she gave great advice of what worked best according to our ideas.

Personality, direct, gets it done

We love working with Stephanie because she's insightful, creative, and cuts to the chase; just what a fast-moving startup needs. And, she was able to work within our budget. Stephanie sets expectations upfront, executed from our not-so-good mockups and made sure we got what we wanted. Definitely recommend working with Stephanie. 

Stephanie is a rockstar!

Super quick turnaround, excellent rates, and easy to communicate with. If you don't hire Stephanie you are doing it wrong. We used her for some module builds on HubSpot, but I'm sure she'd be phenomenal at anything.

Take the easy road ....

Finding Stephanie - in Toronto no less - was an absolute gem of a find! HubSpot has been my platform-of-choice for a few start-ups now, and working with Stephanie to manage the technical implementation of the blog, email templates, and landing pages has made start-up-speed that much faster! She's highly responsive, incredibly helpful (just wait for her step-by-step work-backs and go-to instructions), and worked with our extended team in a truly collaborative way. Her deep knowledge of the platform brought forward new design ideas and features that we hadn't previously known to consider. Talk about bringing incredible value to the table. I recommend Stephanie highly for any HubSpot work you need!

Richelle Gagne

Richelle Gagné



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Pablo Arregui Álvarez

Founding Partner

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I typically work between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm and aim to get back to all messages within a business day.