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I build reusable and easy-to-use HubSpot templates and modules that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your HubSpot tools

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Simple, reusable templates and modules

You’ve got your marketing strategy all mapped out, your designers have created beautiful mock-ups but you don’t have the resources or bandwidth in-house to make them happen. That's where I come in.

I'll take those designs and code away until they're ready to go on your portal. You'll have easy-to-use templates and modules that you can reuse without a developer.

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I "get" marketers

When I worked as a Technical Consultant at HubSpot, I liked to describe my role as translating from marketing into techie and vice-versa

Tell me about your strategies to attract, engage and delight prospects. I'll help make sure your templates are: 

  • Accesible and search engine optimised so that you can reach as many people as possible.
  • Fast so that you don't lose visitors to slow wait times.
  • Integrated with the rest of your HubSpot tools, so that you can engage your prospects.
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Timing and Availability

Timing. Every project is different so it'll depend on what you're looking for. In my experience an email template could take 3-6 hours, a landing page 3-20 hours and a full website 40-80 hours!

Availability. If you have a small project (a couple of hours), I can typically accommodate within the next week or two. For larger projects I tend to have a four to six week wait.

Tell me a little more about your project and I'd be happy to provide you with a customised quote.

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Depending on the nature of your project I'll price in one of three ways: 

  • Project based: if you have really clear requirements or existing designs, I'll send over a fixed price, with 50% due upfront and 50% on completion. No surprises!
  • Hourly: if it's hard to narrow down the requirement or you'd like some wiggle room, my hourly rate is CAD $125/hour (that's Canadian dollars, eh), typically billed on a weekly basis. I'll also give you rough time estimates so that we're on the same page.
  • Retainer: for ongoing technical support or consulting, or if you'd like to make sure that I can get to your project right away, you can book a number of hours on my calendar on a weekly or monthly basis.

Tell me about your project and I'd be happy to send over a quote.

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Recent Projects

Tribe Dynamics

Tribe Dynamics created the designs in Figma and I turned those into a full website theme. Some highlights include:


I created a set of reusable custom modules and template layouts that are used for all of Wave's email marketing communications and newsletters. 

Some modules include: colour boxes, testimonials, content that appears on mobile devices only (such as App Store icons) and HTML buttons which help prevent blurry CTAs.

Exceptional work completed before the deadline is a digital marketers dream.
Samantha Stallard, by Condé Nast
She's insightful, creative, and cuts to the chase; just what a fast-moving startup needs
Jason Bennett, unna
Incredibly helpful (just wait for her step-by-step work-backs and go-to instructions)
Cerys Goodall,

Happy Duck

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I've helped marketing teams in companies and agencies of all sizes build easy-to-use HubSpot templates and modules. Check out my five star reviews on the HubSpot Agency Directory.


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