About Me

Why Me?


In a nutshell...

  • I used to work at HubSpot as their first Technical Consultant outside of the US - I know the tools well.
  • I’ve been coding on the web for about 10 years now.
  • I may not be a marketer, but I get marketers. No more struggling to explain what you need to your tech person.
  • In true HubSpot fashion, I GSD (Get Sh*t Done).


Why I Do This

As a Technical Consultant at HubSpot, part of my role was helping onboard users onto the HubSpot CMS. In doing so, there were two things I struggled with:

  1. Saying that the CMS is "easy to use". Unfortunately this is only the case when templates are well built. A developer that isn’t familiar with the HubSpot CMS often overlooks the work that needs to put in to make sure that the content editing experience is easy.
  2. Helping users with their development needs. There wasn’t really a good resource to point users to. HubSpot themselves don’t provide design and development services and agencies will often only take on large, expensive projects.

As a freelance HubSpot CMS Developer, I work on projects of any size and aim to help create well-designed, easy-to-use templates and modules, giving you extra time to focus on your inbound marketing.


Looking for a CV-style overview? Check out my LinkedIn profile (I used to work there too!)

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What Can I Do For You?


We work in a field that has a lot of overlap. The lines between web development, web design, graphic design, marketing strategy… etc. can get a little blurry.

My main focus is design and development on the HubSpot CMS. I can put together a design or take an existing design and turn it into a functioning webpage or module on HubSpot.

I work best when working with marketers who already have a sense of what they want to achieve but need someone technical to make it happen.

Here's how I see myself
    Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Inbound Marketer

Who Am l?


Before I switched to the #freelancelife, I spent several years working in tech in Technical Support and Consulting roles. 

During my time at HubSpot I realised there weren't that many options for clients looking for some help with their websites (agencies usually only take on larger projects), so that's where I come in. 

When I'm not HubSpotting, you'll usually find me nose deep in a book or out for a run.

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