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Stephanie O'Gay Garcia

Former HubSpotter and Freelance HubSpot CMS Developer based in Toronto, Canada.

Stephanie O'Gay Garcia

Stephanie OGay Garcia

Hi! I'm Stephanie πŸ‘‹
I build things on the HubSpot CMS.

After working in tech for several years (Pinger, LinkedIn... etc.), I landed a role as a Technical Consultant in 2016 at a not-so-little company I'd never heard of called HubSpot.

I loved my time there but had to leave the country and therefore the company for personal reasons. After trying out a few other roles that weren't for me, in 2018 I decided to go it alone focusing on the parts I liked best about my HubSpot job (the CMS).

While working at HubSpot I'd noticed that:

  1. HubSpot's CMS is only easy-to-use when built correctly (and most developers don't know how to build for HubSpot specifically), and
  2. While there are so many amazing agencies out there, there weren't a lot of freelancers for smaller, one-off projects. When clients asked me "right, who can make this small edit to my landing page?", there wasn't really a good resource to point them to.

That's where I come in! As a freelance HubSpot CMS Developer, I aim to create well-designed, easy-to-use themes, templates and modules, giving you extra time to focus on your inbound marketing.

I've worked with over 100 clients on anything from minor website edits to full theme builds.

HubSpot Expert

So what makes me a HubSpot expert?

  • I'm a former HubSpotter, hired as HubSpot's first Technical Consultant outside of the US
  • I've essentially worked with the HubSpot CMS all day, every day since 2016
  • I have HubSpot Academy certifications in CMS Development and Inbound Marketing
  • I'm a HubSpot Community Champion (Champion of the Month in April 2022) and official Power User (both invite-only communities)
  • I'm the #25 All Time Top Solution Author on the HubSpot Community (I used to be much higher in the rankings and will be the first to admit that I've let that go a little!)
  • My Conference Theme on the HubSpot Marketplace is a 2nd prize winner of the HubSpot Themes Challenge 2021, in a hackathon of 900+ participants. πŸ†
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Five Things to Know About Me

  • I live in Toronto, Canada with my partner Barry (also a HubSpot Developer!), our daughter, son and dog Doug. πŸ‘©πŸ§”πŸ‘§πŸ‘ΆπŸΆ
  • The last time I tried to list my past addresses, I believe the count was at about 30. I've lived in Canada, Spain, the UK and Ireland and love travelling!
  • I speak English and Spanish fluently (although my Spanish has gone a bit rusty over the years...)
  • I read a lot of fantasy and love cheesy metal bands.
  • I've ran four half-marathons and enjoy powerlifting (although the pandemic and children have sort of put a pause to it all!).
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Get help from a HubSpot CMS Expert

  • Custom HubSpot themes and reusable and easy-to-use HubSpot templates and modules
  • Technical support and guidance on the HubSpot CMS