Add a "Forward to a Friend" link to HubSpot emails

    Difficulty Level: Intermediate. This post assumes a solid understanding of HubSpot tools and some technical knowledge. Instructions are detailed and can be applied as they appear on the post.

    Currently HubSpot does not have a native "Forward to a Friend" solution (you can upvote the idea here). However, the following workaround can be used to create a "mailto" link in your email that will link to the "View as webpage" version of your HTML email.

    Create a "mailto" link to the webpage version of your email

    To add this link to your email, click on Advanced > Source Code in the toolbar of the Rich Text area where you would like to add your link, this will look something like this:


    Then, paste in the following code snippet:

    See the Pen [Blog Post Example] Add a "Forward to a Friend" link to HubSpot emails 1 by Stephanie O'Gay Garcia (@stephanieogaygarcia) on CodePen.


    What this link does it open the reader's email client to an email with the subject "I thought that you would be interested in this email" and the body "Check out [link to your email]".

    You can change the subject of your email by replacing the highlighted text above with any text you like using %20 instead of spaces (this is the HTML entity for a space). For example, to send it with the subject line "Check out this email" you would add the following to your email:

    See the Pen [Blog Post Example] Add a "Forward to a Friend" link to HubSpot emails 2 by Stephanie O'Gay Garcia (@stephanieogaygarcia) on CodePen.


    You can use this encoder/decoder tool to automatically create the text with the %20 included. Simply enter your subject and click on "Encode" to get the correct code to add.

    You can also use this tool to enter all of the details you would like to appear on your email and, when clicking on "Create URL" or "Create HTML", it will generate a link like the above for you.

    The pros of this approach is that it's quick and easy to implement. However, unfortunately it sends a link to the web version of the HTML email and not the HTML email itself

    Ensure there is a web version of your email

    In order for the "view as webpage" link to be generated, you'll need to make sure you've enabled the web version of your email.

    You can do this by enabling the "Web Version" option in your email's settings, this tutorial has more details on where to find this. 

    Note that the web version link will not work on test emails as it will not be available until the email is live, as you can see on the note on HubSpot's Help Center article

    Please note: the email's web version URL will not work when your email is still a draft. The URL will lead to a live page after your email is sent. If you share the preview of the web version of your email with a member of your team, they will need to log in to their HubSpot account before they can view the preview.


    Written by: Stephanie O'Gay Garcia Last Updated: October 3, 2022

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