Hiding HubSpot modules on mobile/desktop at template level

    Difficulty Level: Intermediate. This post assumes a solid understanding of HubSpot tools and some technical knowledge. Instructions are detailed and can be applied as they appear on the post.

    Hiding a module based on your responsive breakpoints can be very useful.
    On the page editor, you can hide modules for a specific view by selecting "Edit for mobile" / "Edit for desktop" and then clicking the "Hide this module" icon on the specific module you want to hide.


    edit step1


    edit step2


    But did you know you can also achieve this at template level? It works the exact same way as setting different padding/margin for a section on a template:

    {% raw %}{% dnd_module
       hidden={ "default":false, "mobile":true }

    {% end_dnd_module %}

    That will hide the given module on mobile but show it on desktop!

    Written by: Barry Grennan Orginally Published: February 8, 2022 Last Updated: March 22, 2023

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