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Comparison between HubSpot's CMS and the new CMS Hub / Themes

⚠️ Note that this post hasn't been updated for at least a year and the information may be outdated, proceed with caution! (Last updated: April 18, 2020)

HubSpot just rolled out it's new "CMS Hub" with brand new Themes, but what does this mean for you, the marketer or content editor?

Here are some of the new updates: 

  • Coded templates. Templates are completely custom coded, so you will no longer have those grey template with groups and modules. However...
  • True drag-and-drop on pages. The page editing experience is vastly improved. You can now drag-and-drop modules onto the page horizontally and vertically and set options like background colours and spacing for each section - no coding needed! If your developer is new to the HubSpot CMS, make sure they add in dnd_sections to make this posible.
  • Theme fields. There are now "Theme Fields" where you can update elements like your theme colours and typography across the board if your branding changes. With custom themes, the options available is very much up to the developer so be sure to let your developer know what you'd like to be able to update!
  • Pricing. The V2 CMS is now known as "CMS Hub Professional" and still remains at $300/month and there's a new "CMS Hub Enterprise" tier with more functionality for more complex use cases: the ability to build web-apps like calculators or event registrations, membership drive website, content partitioning and activity logs, two domains included automatically... etc.


Can you still use your existing templates?

Yes. I don't work for HubSpot (anymore) but I predict that these will be around for a while yet. I know that when they updated the CMS from V1 to V2, some portals were still using V1 templates several years later!

So many customers are currently using the existing drag-and-drop templates that they're likely to be pretty widespread for at least another year or two. 

However, as new customers purchase the CMS Hub and existing customers update their website themes, these will be gradually phased out. 

In fact, on the HubSpot CMS themes quickstart for developers videos, they suggest that while new developers should start using Themes, experienced HubSpot developers can gradually fold them in to their existing workflows. 

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