Center align a HubSpot form submit button

    Difficulty Level: Intermediate. This post assumes a solid understanding of HubSpot tools and some technical knowledge. Instructions are detailed and can be applied as they appear on the post.

    When you add a form module to a template, it'll display a dummy form that has four fields (First Name, Last Name, Company and Email) and a submit button with the text "Get Free Widget".

    This dummy form doesn't have a wrapper around the submit button so, unless you set it to display "block", margin "auto" and set a fixed width (which is not ideal), it's tricky to center align it.  

    HubSpot form markup


    However, a live form on HubSpot wraps the button in a div with the class "actions" within another div with the classes "hs_submit" and "hs-submit":

    HubSpot live form markup


    You can add a text-align "center" to either of these classes to center-align the submit button. Adding the following CSS snippet to your stylesheet should do the trick: 

    .hs-form .hs-submit { text-align: center; }
    Written by: Stephanie O'Gay Garcia Last Updated: October 31, 2019

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